You don’t have to walk alone - buy your next home with the support of an expert guide

The home buying process has been nothing short of turbulent over the last several years.

But even with the chaos, we’ve managed to support hundreds of families to secure the home that supports their next life stage.

We believe in putting YOU in the driver’s seat, while leveraging our local market expertise, access to specialized tools and information, and deep commitment to the very best customer service in the industry, to make that a reality.

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The home buying journey moves through 4 core stages.
Here’s how we support you on that journey:


This can be a really fun part of the process, and a long one too!

While many people love to peruse homes online, when you’re starting to think more seriously about your next move, it’s important to narrow down your search.

When you’re in this stage, we can help by using the specialized tools we have access to as real estate brokers, to build tailored notifications so that you will find out about a new home that hits the market, that matches what you’re looking for at the same time we do.

Being among the first to know, can give you a major advantage when you’re ready to take action.


Once you start seeing homes that interest you, the next step is generally to go and see them in-person.

We always encourage buyers to see as many homes as they can - this helps get a real sense of what’s out there, and gives you greater confidence to know what to do when you’ve found “the one”.

At this stage we’ll also recommend that you speak with a mortgage advisor about getting a pre-approval letter. This is an important tool when it’s time to start making offers, and can take a bit of time to assemble, so it’s worth being ahead of the curve.

Offers & Negotiation

When you’ve found the home you can see yourself in for the next several years, it’s time to submit an offer.

We’ll use our exclusive access to data on recent transactions, alongside our expansive market knowledge because of the number of transactions our team handles every year, to give you a targeted range of options and structure for what to include in your offer.

This helps you make the best decision for you, and means there’s no pressure at all from us.

Behind the scenes, we’re also working closely with the broker representing the seller, bringing thoughtful collaboration and proactive negotiation to help secure the best possible outcome for you.

Closing & Contingencies

Once you have an accepted offer, now you’ll be working with multiple parties to get all of the pieces of the deal completed.

This will usually include a mortgage advisor, home inspector, and potentially other experts who will help you move through each step of the process, and to ensure you feel confident about your purchase.

Our role in this phase is to help keep everything organized and on track. We provide you with a customer portal that will highlight all of the important dates you need to be aware of, provide access to our vetted list of experts that you might need during the process, and in many cases, take care of juggling a lot of the balls and removing as much of the work from your plate as possible.

Post Close Support

After you’ve closed on your home, we stay available to you throughout your home ownership journey.

Call or text us anytime for referrals to vetted contractors for home improvements, consults on renovations you’re planning if you’re thinking about how they’ll impact your home’s value, or for updates on your home’s value in the current market conditions.

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