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Law Office Barrie
Barrie Law Office
Peter Thompson Law Office

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Peter Thompson Law Office in Barrie Ontario

Peter F. Thompson, B.A., LL.B.

2015 marks the 19th anniversary of our office in Barrie, Ontario, one of Canada's fastest growing cities.

In hiring me, my clients find a lawyer who is easy to speak with in language they will understand. Legalese has never impressed me, nor does the condescending attitude many lawyers have for their clients. I have been injured in a car accident and, as an avid sports enthusiast, done damage to numerous body parts. This gives me insight and empathy for the injured client's pain and frustration in dealing with unsympathetic bureaucrats or insurers. You will find however, that I have a positive attitude toward life in general and am a great believer in achieving and maintaining the best health and recovery one can through determined exercise programs. I will also make recommendations to you concerning the health practitioners (physiotherapists for example) in whom I trust. You are not obliged to go to the ones suggested by your insurance company.

My approach in dealing with insurance adjusters and defence lawyers is to treat them initially with respect and a sense of humour. We all have our own roles to fulfill in the aftermath of an accident and our own families to feed. There is no reason to start off hostile simply because my job is to keep the numbers high and theirs is to keep them low. If I am not met with the same courtesy, however, my opponents find a strong and aggressive advocate of your rights who will not hesitate to fight fire with fire.

It is my job, nontheless, to advise you fairly and sensibly about the merits of your case and to say when I believe it is time to reach a settlement. Early in my career, I learned from my father, who was a Superior Court judge, that " a good settlement is better than a bad judgment." There are times, however, when trial is unavoidable. Taking a case to trial on principle alone is seldom wise and is not in the client's best interest. Much of what I do is a matter of "horse sense" based on experience in law and in life. I have sometimes said that I learned what I do best in my law practise while negotiating business deals in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul during many trips to Europe.

You will find, as well, that I work as a team with my clerk. Tracey Benoit, who is on the front line and lives up to her Newfoundland coined nickname of "Radar" by always being a step ahead of what I need. Clients find Tracey pleasant and helpful as well as knowledgeable about their legal rights. Tracey is a certified member of the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario. (read Tracey's bio here)